Phut Flowers, Minimal yet Marvelous Did you know that…?

"Phut" flowers or Gardenia are often seen in Thailand, especially in landscape design. The white color looks gorgeous with the green bush in the background. In Thailand, the meaning of Phut flowers is plenariness. Thai people believe that they will bring wealth to the family.

Garland is one of the principal flowers used in many auspicious ceremonies along with Thai cultures. The young Phut flowers before blooming are carefully picked and threaded into a beautiful garland decorated with red flowers and other flowers. There are various types of garland made with Phut flowers. Drivers usually buy a garland to worship the spirit in the car to keep for safeties. They can also be used in the wedding where the groom and the bride wear them on the neck during the ceremony. Moreover, Phut flowers can be decorated on a special day look for a natural fashion as a hair decoration.

Various species of Phut are carefully planted in the gardens of Botanica Foresta, where nature combines the great architect and the perfect living into one!