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A natural scene at Botanica Luxury Villas Phuket


Nature is a boon to humankind and consists of various natural resources such as air, water, soil, and more which are all necessary for life on earth. Nature consists of both biotic and abiotic elements which together make up nature. Biotic factors consist of living things such as plants, and animals, abiotic factors are physical rather than biological. At Botanica Luxury Villas we combine both biotic and abiotic elements to serve you and create the perfect environment for living. Discover all our Luxury Villa projects

A flat roof detail at Botanica Luxury Villas in Phuket


At Botanica Luxury Villas we have poured our vision and experience into three main designs. Botanica Modern Luxury, Botanica Modern Loft, and Botanica’s signature classic Tropical Balinese. All three designs are artwork and a masterpiece from our CEO, who as an architect, lives to delight, inspire and transform. Their sole purpose is to create the perfect natural living environment for your and your family to enjoy.

A pointed roof detail from a villa at Botanica Luxury Villas Phuket


Through intelligent orientation we consider, plan and create every aspect when designing our luxury villa projects. By sourcing only the highest quality products and paying attention to every minute detail we ensure that our villas are unparalleled and in a class on their own.

The entrance gate at Foresta by Botanica Luxury Villas in Phuket

Botanica’s Luxury Villa Future Projects

Eager energy and passion for architecture are the key driving factors that will lead Botanica Luxury Villas to the perfection of excellence. With a large variety of different designs in different locations, we provide you with the lifestyle of your dreams.

Lush Trees at Botanica Luxury Villas in Phuket
A natural park at Botanica Luxury Villas Phuket
A natural exercise park at Botanica Luxury Villas Phuket



Botanica Luxury Villas has 10 existing and new projects with the aim to offer people a new way of living. The villa projects are set in Phuket, Thailand.

All our luxury villa projects in Phuket have been designed to provide you with an exclusive lifestyle which combines nature, luxury and sustainability. We offer a wide range of properties that can be bought by individuals but are also highly interesting for investors.

Botanica Luxury Villa Rental

For investors and homeowners, we offer villa rental management services and guarantee five years of rental income through short-term holiday lettings with great returns on investments.

Come and experience BOTANICA Luxury Villas in Phuket for a luxury and exclusive lifestyle.

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