3 Concepts of sustainable Happiness


Nature is boon to humankind. Nature consists of various natural resources like sun rays, air, water, soil, and more which are necessary for what all humans need. As we as homes, one of the most important elements in life that everyone needs. There are various biotic and abiotic factors that together called nature. Biotic factors consist of forests and animals and abiotic factors are physical elements. All these elements are here to serve you at Botanica Luxury Villas


With the experience and the journey of Botanica, there are 3 designs for you to select for your own dream home: Modern Luxury, Modern Loft and the classic signature of Botanica, Tropical Balinese. All of these are designed with heart by our CEO whom himself is an architect and these are his artwork. Much like a painted masterpiece, architecture is an art form that has the ability to delight, inspire, and transform.


The strongest point of Botanica Luxury Villas that no one can compare. We always select the best quality of each details to build the house from the greatest quality of the products. Smart orientation is an example of a design intervention that doesn't cost anything extra if done at the design stage, but has a big impact on the quality of the building and is expensive to change later.

Botanica’s Luxury Villa Future Projects

Eager energy and passion for architecture are the key driving factors that will lead Botanica Luxury Villas to the perfection of excellence. With a large variety of different designs in different locations, we provide you with the lifestyle of your dreams.